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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine; instead he will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, nutrition and the cause and prevention of disease.” –Thomas Edison


Many of you know I strongly believe fitness is simply improving the body’s movement patterns.  Basically if you engage in total body workouts that are designed to get rid of weak links and focus on basic human movement patterns then you WILL achieve your goals!  Many people find this confusing, so they keep training using bodypart splits and hamster like treadmill distance running.  This leads to muscle imbalances which leads to unnatural movement which creates nagging aches and pains.  Thomas Edison had it entirely correct!  Take care of the human frame and you can prevent ailments. 
What about nutrition?  Think about this… TV advertises Doritos, Pepsi, Lucky Charms, McDonalds and loads of other man made foods, devoid of any quality nutrition.  We’ll call these “dead foods”.  These companies are making tons of money!  Then we get sick and go to the doctor, who charges more money.  Then the doctor prescribes antibiotics, which strip our body of important minerals necessary for a healthy skeletal system.  Did you ever wonder why so many American’s break hips?  These drugs also weaken the immune system because we never learn how to fend off sickness without drugs.  Did you know for every drug we take we need five more (on average) to offset the side effects?  Between the food companies pushing dead food, the doctors pushing magic pills, the pollution in the air from factories, and our contaminated water, it’s no wonder people are overweight and sick!  Oh, I forgot… even the mortician is making money!  So, go ahead, get fat and lazy… let’s keep the economy flowing!


For years I have told people we don’t need to cleanse… I was wrong!  Since our body can’t process these dead foods, they build up in our intestine and colon and emit toxins into our blood stream.  This man made byproduct can stay in our body for up to 5 years!  That means last year’s Halloween treats could still be inside your body!  We need to get rid of all the crap we’ve shoveled into our bodies and get it working the way God designed it to!  Here’s the deal; you can find out how toxic or acidic your body is by checking your body’s ph balance.  If you’re under a 7, you’re very acidic and loaded with toxins.  You have to cleanse all 7 channels; the bowels, kidneys, lungs, skin, blood, liver and lymphatic system.  Once you have done that, you need to balance out your hormones, the fluids in your body and your glands.  Finally you need to build up your body against toxins and free radical.  To build up your body you’ll need quality vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and anti-oxidants.  Cleanse, balance, build, that’s it.  Throughout this process we need to start eating live foods.  In other words, food that give us energy and are loaded with nutrition; green veggies, fruits, superfruits, fish, nuts, seeds, and herbs.  These foods give us life and fend off disease. 
Can we apply Edison’s quote to nutrition and disease?  Yes.  Can we apply the quote to fitness?  Yes.  Wouldn’t it be nice if personal trainers could not only help you shed a few pounds and get you in better shape but also make your body more resilient to injury by correcting your movement patterns?  Wouldn’t it be nice if that same trainer could provide you with a pure, organic, all natural nutrition plan that got you healthier and more resilient to illness?  That’s exactly what I do.  I don’t count reps, put you on machines or ask you to do dumbbell curls.  I make you more resilient with your human frame, nutrition, and the prevention of illness.  All you need to do is contact me and I can provide the tools for optimum health and wellness!

 The world's top Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Lindsey Duncan Highlight Reel 

Dr. Duncan explaining the basics of cleanse, balance, build

Learn personal fitness secrets! Get your own personalized workout plan!

Home About Testimonials Training Blog Kettlebells Nutrition In the News Request Info Results PT Fit Tips
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