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You're Really Not Advanced!

Why does everyone always try to blow past the basics and fast forward themselves into the intermediate or advanced?  Look at the fitness magazines and you’ll find Mr. Olympia’s arm routine, or Mrs. Fitness’s leg routine.  Read a business magazine and you’ll see what Mr. Corporate is doing now with his business.  Everyone wants to do what the top guy is doing and they forget about the tried and true fundamentals that got them there. 


A few months ago I took my son to a father-son baseball camp.  It was awesome!  There were tons of dad’s with their son’s and all of the dads were hanging on the coaches every word, while the kids just wanted to play with the fun training toys, throw the ball, and slide in the dirt.  Most of the fathers, myself included, were proud to announce that Junior was now in “Coach Pitch” and had moved out of t-ball.  Our misguided pride was put in check when the old baseball weathered head coach began the hitting portion of the camp.  “What do you think the college kids use a majority of the time for batting practice?  Or what do you think the pro’s are doing when they take a bat and retreat behind the dugout or under the stadium?  They’re all hitting off a tee!  Don’t be so quick to take your child off the tee!”  It struck me like a ton of bricks.  The basic fundamentals are always the most important.

Dylan baseball.jpg


The RKC taught me not to workout but rather practice movement and skill.  In other words perfect the basics and strength and conditioning will follow with efficient movement.  I spend all day training my clients and my staff to practice the basics, such as deadlifts, squats, and presses.  Yet as a father of a seven year old baseball player I was in a hurry to rush his swing before he refined the skill.  Grey Cook and Brett Jones’s CK-FMS (functional movement system) taught me the same thing.  When you have problems with fundamental movement, the last thing you should do is add another layer of sport specific movement or skill movement.  If you have deficiencies in hamstring mobility you shouldn’t be working on your squat!  If you have issues with shoulder mobility you shouldn’t be working on your pressing. 


Those of us that grew up in the eighties remember the original Karate Kid movie.  Mr. Miyagi never let “Danielson” throw a punch or kick until he had mastered the basics of movement… “Sand the floor!”  “Paint the fence!”  These boring activities made Daniel efficient and strong.  They patterned his movement.  Get your head out of the way of your progress, stop thinking you’re more advanced than you are and spend some time refining your deadlifts, squats or presses.  Polish your basics.  Get an FMS screen and address your weak links.  Trust me you will get stronger!

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