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How Can You Ignore Movement Patterns?

Would you believe the most important thing you can do for your fitness routine isn’t a particular exercise, food plan or cardio program?  It’s a series of seven basic movements that make up a ten minute movement screen designed to pinpoint your weaklinks.  Don’t worry there’s no blood samples, no intrusive questions, you won’t break a sweat and you really have no need to be embarrassed because chances are your trainer did worse than you will!


Roughly a year ago a high school junior was training at Results and began complaining of knee pain.  At the time I hadn’t been through the CK-FMS, so I did what most trainers would do… we went back to the bodyweight basics and hammered on technique.  After a month or so, at the urging of his parents, he quit Results and began working with a physical therapist, which also looked at this knee.  Fast forward a couple months and I receive a call from the therapist.  She has been working on his walking gait, videoing his jumping, telling him he needs new shoes, coaching him to walk with his feet straighter.  They even shot him with cortisone, did an MRI and discussed possibly scoping his knee!  After eight months the team of physical therapists decided the seventeen year old basketball player should never play athletics again!


During the eight months of this young man’s therapy I had the opportunity to attend the four day Functional Movement workshop taught by Grey Cook, Brett Jones and some brilliant Master RKC’s.  I spent time learning how to improve my craft from some of the industry giants!  In other words, I had a new tool in my trainer toolbox and couldn’t wait to use it.  What I didn’t know was the impact this tool would have on how I do my job.  Not too long after I attended the CK-FMS is when I heard the young man had been told he was done with athletics forever.  So I called him up and offered to run him through a movement screening.  I couldn’t guarantee anything, nor could I promise to alleviate the knee pain, I could only run him through seven basic movements and see if I can offer any help.  I remembered Jeff O’Connor saying he screens every high school athlete’s ankle mobility so that became my eighth test.  What I found was extremely limited ankle mobility.  I was dumbfounded.  How could a team of highly paid physical therapists in our cities most famous hospital not look at his ankles?  Is it really this easy??  He told me they never worked on his ankles; after all it was his knee that had pain! 


Grey Cook says to trust the screen and go with what you find.  Don’t overthink it!  So that’s what we did.  I wrote a program that addressed his ankles, followed by hamstring, hip and glutes, and Matt Dolan ran him through it.  In just over a month his knee pain was gone and he was practicing jumping again.  What the big hospital people failed to realize is the knee was just the warning light.  The car had run out of gas and they were trying to change the gas gauge rather than fill up the tank.  If your foot doesn’t move enough to allow the rest of your body to perform whatever demand you place on it then pain will result.  By verbally coaching this kid to straighten out his foot when he runs or jumps only made the problem worse by not addressing it.  That’s like telling a brick to soften up and then throwing it your own face!  Once the ankle could move like it’s supposed to then the rest of his body could move without adverse compensation.   


The FMS has given us a tool that allows us to design safe and effective fitness programs.  It didn’t make me a wizard with a pointy hat and give me the ability to “fix” anything.  Instead it gave me clarity to design a safe and effective program for everyone.  Now I have an individualized map for everyone and there’s a lot less time spent sampling exercises.   Simply put, I can fix your weak links and make you stronger, faster and run further in a lot less time. 

Learn personal fitness secrets! Get your own personalized workout plan!

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