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Kettlebell's Are The Answer!

I can honestly say, one of the best things that ever happened to my own strength training, my clients training, and my business was tearing my left tricep four years ago!  That’s right, an injury that resulted in surgery and a 3 month lay-off from any type of strength training, and sudden retirement from competitive powerlifting was a gift from God.  Had this not happened I would’ve never discovered the kettlebell.  In the RKC they refer to it as “drinking the Kool-Aid”.  It’s that moment when you see the evil little iron ball with a handle as more than just an odd little tool and begin to see it as the answer.  Lately there have been a ton of studies released will move you a step or two closer to sampling the Kool-Aid.


You have back pain?  Recently Dr. Stuart McGill, author and the World’s leading authority on spinal health, published a research article in the January issue of Journal of Strength and Conditioning, discussing kettlebell movements and low back pain.  What he found was, kettlebell swings create a hip-hinge squat pattern characterized by rapid muscle activation-relaxation cycles of substantial magnitudes.  The swing also provides a unique loading pattern on the low lumbar vertebrae that isn’t traditionally seen with most strength training.  Here’s what he’s saying; The swing allows you to stretch out your hamstrings, and strengthen your glutes.  You need a strong butt to support your spine!  When you couple that with the unique abdominal bracing that occurs you’ll build support for your lumbar spine and heal low back issues while getting stronger!  Keep in mind here, McGill used an RKC for the electromyography portion of the study, which means overhead swings are not the type of swing that helps your low back.  Dr. Stuart McGill says RKC style swings are awesome for your low back.   

You want to burn a ton of calories in half the time?  Almost two years ago the American Council on Exercise (ACE) published a study on a kettlebell specific cardio routine.  Some of us know this routine as “Viking Warrior Conditioning”.  Basically it’s an interval workout consisting of only kettlebell snatches.  ACE limited the workout to 20 minutes and had some outstanding results!  They discovered that participants were burning approximately 20.2 calories per minute!  The article states, “That’s equivalent to running a 6 minute mile pace.  The only other thing I could find that burns that many calories is cross-country skiing uphill at a fast pace.”  Bottom line, research shows kettlebells can give you the heart and lungs of a gladiator and melt fat!


So studies show you can improve your low back pain, and get in much better cardiovascular shape, but what about strength?  You know raw strength.  Will kettlebells improve your bench press?  Research says… YES!  Another study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research tested participants max 3 rep bench press, max 3 rep clean and jerk, a max vertical jump and back extensions to failure.  Then they put the participants on a 10 week program, training twice a week, using only kettlebells.  The results?  I’ll let you read a direct quote from the study… “The data suggests a significant improvement of strength, power and endurance as a result of kettlebell training… kettlebells proved to have a considerable transferability to traditional weight training and bodyweight exercises.  Our findings indicate that kettlebell training provides a measurable improvement of strength, power and endurance as measured by barbell and bodyweight exercises.”  Bam!  Kettlebells improve strength too!

Science says kettlebells work.  You can burn all the calories in half the time, fix chronic aches and pains in your body, and get stronger!  This odd looking implement has completely changed this 37 year old father.  I’m still as strong as I was, but now I weigh a little less and I’m in much better condition.  Now you can see why tearing my tricep and being forced to give up powerlifting was a gift from God.  I drank the proverbial Kool-Aid.  Are you willing to give it a shot? 

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